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https://en.archivarix.com/ is a service to recreate websites from the Wayback Machine web.archive.org
- Downloading and processing the content takes place on our server. You do not need to waste time on it, we will send you ready zip archive with entire website.
- Recovered files with text (html, css, js) are in a separate folder to make it easier to do a search and replace. Internal linkage is restored using mod_rewrite in .htaccess
- You get a ready and workable website that does not contain 404 pages, broken images, external links, scripts and other garbage that do not work. All broken files are replaced with dummy ones that you can edit. All banners, counters and other external scripts are deleted using the AdBlock database.
- And what is the most important, our service optimizes the restored content in accordance with the recommendations of Google Developers. The image files are compressed and all EXIFs are deleted from them. Our script deleting comments from html, optimizing css and js and makes much more to make the website better than it was.

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