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Qwerty Networks - a group of projects that use a single database and a functional environment for the creation and development of social networks.

Project №1: the international blog platform QWERTY.blog is a free service that provides functionality for maintaining personal and corporate blogs. We provide privacy and maximum usability for bloggers around the world! We protect our users from political and other pressure! We provide maximum legal support and protection. Your blog will not be closed if there are signs of political pressure. But if this happens, we will always protect your interests and freedom of speech!

Project №2: Social network of site owners - WMProfile.com. This is a full-fledged social network for everyone who has websites and Internet projects (and it does not matter if you are a professional or not). Add sites to our catalog, analyze statistics and quality of web traffic on your sites, make new friends and partners!

Project №3: International Advertising Project VisitorSale.com. The main directions of the system - exchange web-traffic, as well as contextual and teaser advertising. Our service provides advertisers with flexible functionality that allows them to advertise sites using various advertising methods - contextual ads, teasers, CPA, streaming web traffic.

Project №4: The system for active advertising and online earnings. WMWorker.com. This is an international system of active advertising, which provides unique opportunities to fulfill the tasks of our advertisers. Hundreds of thousands of active users are ready to start promoting your projects!

In fact, our projects - is a powerful social networks. We provide opportunities to communicate with other participants. You can also find friends and subscribe to interesting blogs.

Join us! Enjoy our opportunities.

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