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Rates for advertising in the community

A social network for website owners invites you to participate in a mega-profitable affiliate program by inviting new members to the network!

So, we list all ways of earning:

Way to earn №1: Invite new users!

We pay: $ 0.1 for each user registered via your referral link, if he showed any activity (remuneration is accrued 48 hours after registration of the user) from $1 to $100 for each invited user who has become an active member of our network (if the user is assigned the category described below) 10% of payments to invited users (payments on our affiliate program)

Categories of active users for which we pay:

User of "3rd category". At least 20 messages (articles) in the communities of our network. Once the user receives this status, on your account balance will be credited $1.

User of "2nd category". At least 200 messages (articles) in the communities of our network. Once the user receives this status, on your account balance will be credited $10.

User of "1st category". At least 2000 messages (articles) in the communities of our network. Once the user receives this status, on your account balance will be credited $100.

Statuses are assigned automatically 1 time per 24 hours.

For example, when the invited user will receive the status of "Category 3", you will receive 100 WMC. At the next change of status you will receive an additional fee. A list of invited users you can see in the "My referrals".

Way to earn №2: Make interesting posts in the communities.

We pay 1 WMC for each each unique view of your articles. Viewing is considered unique if the visitor came for the first time in 24 hours. Viewing is considered in the event that if a visitor stayed on the page not less than 30 seconds. Attention! It is strictly forbidden to attract web traffic through frames, pop-ups and active advertising systems. Also, any motivation for clicking on your links is prohibited.

Way to earn №3: Create interesting communities!

Create communities of interest in our social network - profitable. Because:

  • You will easily find like-minded people and partners;
  • You can advertise your website or affiliate program for free;
  • You can sell advertising inside the community!
  • You set the cost of advertising in the settings of the community.

Click here to participate


We pay up to $ 100 for invited participants

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