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We created a social network for website owners in 47 languages of the world!


First, there is simply no project with a similar paradigm in the world. We tried to make a project that was not like the others. The work was interesting. The most important thing is not only even the simplicity and ease of use, but also the communicability of the project. Yes Yes. It's about communicability. We tried to surpass in this respect the Great Facebook. I'm not sure, of course, that everything turned out all right. But we tried. Honestly :) For example, users' posts made in other languages will automatically be translated into the language of readers in other countries. And to take part in this will be not only the neural network, but also the community of our social network. It's a smart network. And this is the first step. And we will not stop ;) By the way, in which language do you read this post? It seems, if I'm not mistaken, I wrote this in English wink

And, finally, we are interested in the process itself - the creation of a social network mechanism. I think we succeeded. In fact, this is a whole software and hardware complex. A wonderful combination of technology and ambitiousness. So, we have united our projects under the brand Qwerty Networks.

For whom.

The WMProfile social network is for everyone who has sites, for those who visit sites, those who promote sites, designers, programmers, online traders, freelancers. It turns out, almost for all of you? 

What we have.

A powerful engine for international social network, with aggressive caching (both at the project level and at the server side) that allows you to create cache servers, communities creation functionality, a communicator, automatic translation of publications into readers' languages, a site directory and a visitor quality analysis system , the exchange of sites, url shortener, and also the catalog of vacancies and resume (including for freelancers). We did not forget about SMM. Our functionality provides opportunities for earning for owners of communities. Communities administrators independently set the cost of advertising in communities.

Functionality, which we expect in the future.

In the near future, we will expand the functionality of our network. So, we will soon launch the functionality of "Crawdfunding" - a system for collecting funds and searching for investors for Internet start-ups. In addition, we plan to launch a functional that will allow all site owners to create their own partner programs on the CPA scheme. We have big and grandiose plans. Register and create communities in our social network. Help us become better! By the way, we invite business partners and investors to participate in the development of Qwerty Networks.

A few words about our affiliate program. We pay for attracting users to our network ;)

Sincerely yours, Qwerty Networks

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