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Internet company Qwerty Networks (EU) in cooperation with AA Digital Marketing accepts orders for the creation of international social networks and multifunctional high-performance Internet projects.

The company Digital Marketing (in the past - Softtrade Lab) has been almost 17 years (since 2001) engaged in the development of high-tech projects, systems of complex automation and, since 2008, high-performance Internet projects.

During this period, we launched many successful projects. Focusing on the development of social networks, we have implemented several dating sites, the international blog platform Qwerty Networks and finally announced in early 2017 about the emergence of a software and hardware complex for the creation of social networks - Qwerty Social Networks Engine, which allows for a short time to deploy social networks that meet all the modern requirements and wishes of the client.

It is worth noting that the cost of creating and implementing a turnkey social network is not high. It depends on many factors and can range from 14 thousand euros (implementation based on basic functionality) to 40 thousand euros (taking into account the serious customization of the project). In addition, we are considering options not only the relationship "Customer-Executor", but also joint ownership of future projects - this is beneficial to both parties, because the investor gets the opportunity to support the provision of all infrastructure for the social networks. In this case, the cost of creating a social network can be reduced almost 2-fold. Moreover, we will provide free server infrastructure and our services to support the trouble-free operation of the project. For more information on the various options for cooperation, please contact our customer contact department.

Specialists of our company have considerable experience in creating highly-loaded scalable projects. For example, in 2008 we launched the largest network of advertising web traffic in Russia - the TraffStock network, through which, up to 2014, there were a maximum of 40 million unique visitors per day. As for the Social Network Engine, on the basis of which we implement social networks, this complex uses the technology of "aggressive caching" (as Facebook), as well as other know-how that can handle tens of thousands of requests per second.

We create smart networks. For example, user publications are automatically translated into the languages of readers. The functionality of our network supports more than 40 world languages. Among the basic functional:

- internal billing system based on the internal (virtual) or nacional currency;
- system of protection of accounts from bruteforce and password selection, logging of authorizations;
- aggressive data caching (like Facebook);
- confidentiality settings for users and their publications;
- tape of publications;
- internal mail server for sending messages;
- module of interaction with SMS-gates;
- subscriptions to users and communities;
- search and add friends or subscribe to them - depending on user settings;
- internal search system;
- internal messenger (instant messaging system);
- creation of communities (open and closed pages);
- anti-virus scan of published content (Kaspersky SDK), intellectual premoderation;
- tags and categories of publications;
- calendar of publications;
- service of shortening of references from Qwerty Networks (integrated);
- finding friends and co-workers;
- ability to hide the real name behind the pseudonym;
- distributed storage of downloaded images and files;
- support for 40+ languages and correction tools for translators;
- automatic detection of the language of new users with the possibility of subsequent configuration;
- administrative functions;
- protection from bots (checking user actions);
- postponed publication of posts;
- SMM;
- and much more...

We will provide a full range of services for the rapid implementation of the social network, including:

  • joint development of requirements for the functional part;
  • development of additional functionality;
  • design of the project;
  • preparation of server infrastructure;
  • installation and launch;
  • marketing (a separate service).

Specialists of our company offer the development of truly effective projects based on complex strategies, including the use of the latest IT technologies in the field of web design and key aspects of Internet promotion and optimization.

Do you want to become the owner of your own social network? We will gladly help!


Contact e-mail addresses:
Support - support@qwertynetworks.com
Legal Department - law@qwertynetworks.com

Our phones:
USA: +1 786 220 4861
Russia # 1: +7 499 375 0311
Russia # 2: +7 499 343 0007

Other ways of communication:
ICQ UIN: 2057777
Skype: softtrade
Telegram: SocNet

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