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The right to legally exchange the crypto currency for rubles and other fiat money should be left only for banks and payment systems, says State Duma deputy Martin Shakkum. This will identify the owners of crypto currency.

In Russia, it is necessary to provide an opportunity to legally exchange the crypto currency for rubles and other fiat money only to banks and payment systems. This was stated by the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Financial Market Martin Shakkum at the first meeting of the expert council on legislative support of the development of financial technologies.

According to the deputy, these measures will make the turnover of the crypto currency transparent and will enable to identify its owners.

"I would not like to go along the path of introducing a tax on the exchange of crypto-currencies. But the right to exchange should be provided to those who are under the supervision of Rosfinmonitoring, that is, banks and payment systems".

According to Martin Shakkuma, it is necessary to legalize the activities for obtaining crypto currency by means of computers, that is, mining. "In fact, mining is now outlawed, those who deal with it do not pay taxes," Shakkum said. He also noted that the legislative regulation should be subject to the exchanges on which the turnover of the crypto currency is carried out, and the activity of the initial placement of the coins of the crypto currency (ICO).

At the same time, the director of the financial regulation department of the Ministry of Finance, Jana Pureskina, said that the agency proposes to allow only legal entities to obtain crypto-currency.

Does not it seem insanity?

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