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I started programming in the distant year 87. I was 13 years old. By the way, I'm indebted to this film "Star Wars". Not the Star Wars, to which you are accustomed on large screens, but those that were shot back in the 70's. The desire to bring the future closer, multiplied by the share of romance - all this brought me to the world of IT. With love and warmth, I remember the first computers on which I learned programming. Then they seemed to be something from a fantasy world. It seemed that the future was about to come. It's about the future, where there are robots, artificial intelligence. But now, I'm already 42 years old, but I'm still waiting ;)

This post is dedicated to the computer Agat-9. He was called the russian "Apple-II". This computer was surprisingly compatible with Apple's software. I remember him with love and trembling 



Resolution: 8 bits

Clock frequency: 1 MHz

Productivity: 500 thousand operations / s

Memory capacity: 640 Kb

External memory: 840 Kb - Floppy drive, 140 Kb - Floppy drive.

Monitor: MS6105 color "Electronics 32WTC 201"

Information display modes:

graphic: 512x256, 256x256 (monochrome)

256x256, 4 colors from 16 possible (4 palettes)

128x128, 16 colors

280x192, 6 colors

text: 32x32, 8 colors

64x32, 40x24 (monochrome)

To install the cells from the delivery kit and expansion modules, there are 6 connectors.

Dimensions (without external devices): 500x351x195 mm

Weight (without external devices): 9 kg

Power consumption (without external devices): 40 W


It consists of two sets of programs.

1. The programmer's tool complex

(IKP-1), includes:

- language interpreters: Basic, Rapier, Schoolgirl;

- disk operating system;

- Text processing facilities;

- Copy system.

2. A set of general-purpose programs (CPE), which contains:

- Text preparation system (Agat-Author);

- a system for processing tabular data (a spreadsheet);

- database management system (DBMS).

Features of the model of PC AGAT-9

- the basic set contains only three boards (the general plan, the controller of the NGDM of 840 KB and the controller of 140 KB);

- in the basic set, the volume of RAM is doubled;

- expanded the ability to display information;

- Full compatibility with the PC Apple II +, Pravets-8, Zinzi and others is provided.


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