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CBProAds is an affiliate program that provides several tools for the marketer to successfully market Clickbank physical and digital products. The tools include Clickbank Ad Rotator, Affiliate Storefronts, Niche Storefronts, Wordpress Affiliate Storefront Plugins, and Wordpress Niche Storefront Plugins.

My Experience-The Pros and Cons

As of this writing, I've been an affiliate of CBProAds for less then a month. I started as a free member, but once I got more familiar with the program, I immediately bought a lifetime pro membership, for I wanted the full benefits that the membership provides.

As for some of the Pros, I did find the site and tools easy to work with. There is help items along the way, and each tool that you want to set up is in a step-by-step fashion to get them up and running. The storefronts are customizable such as adding logos and other branding options. I did find that some of these customizing features could use a little more explanation detail and a previewing feature so that you can step back if the result wasn't what you intended.

The Ad Rotator is very easy to work with, and installs easily onto blogs or websites. I have the rotator on all my blogs. I also have a Niche Storefront as a menu item on one of my blogs. There was no fuss or hassles in getting the ads running. There are several types of ad formats that you can choose from, and all have preview features so you know what you are going to display.

As for any Cons about CBProAds, as I have mentioned above, I am so new to the program that I really haven't run into any difficulties with the program. I would say that if your computer skills/knowledge is minimal, you might have some difficulty with the storefronts. If you follow through each step, it shouldn't cause any problems, but I could see someone getting confused at various points.

Who is CBProAds for?
The easy answer is any affiliate marketer would benefit using CBProAds. Even if you only want to monetize you blog with an additional revenue stream, CBProAds would work very well for that purpose alone. For example, you have a blog and have Google Adsense, you could also run CBProAds as well. Every click on an add could lead to Clickbank sales. Each ad rotator has a CBProAds Caption, and if your reader clicks on it, it will lead them to CBProAds own affiliate program with your affiliate ID attached. The caption adds a 30 day cookie onto the visitors website, so even if they decide to join CBProads at a later date, you would still get commission.

I would say that CBProAds is for anyone that is interested in internet marketing, from newbies to seasoned marketers.

I have touched a little above on some of the weaknesses in the training and/or help items. I think that this help or training could be expanded on to help newbies that may not be familiar with all aspects of computers, scripts and such. They do have a good FAQ page that references most issues one might come across. I did not find a support page or and option to submit a support ticket. I think that it is something that they should look into.

CBProAds has a free membership, and a on time payment for Lifetime Pro Membership. The price for the Lifetime Pro is $59.95 USD regular price. There is a special going on right now for the Pro Membership at $34.95 USD. It doesn't say how long the offer is going to last

Well, for my final opinion, I love the program. Even though I am a new member to the program, I can see the potential that all the tools have. I've only given CBProAds 4 out of 5 stars, but that may change as I work with it. I will post updates periodically about CBProAds.

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